Healthier Together

Tue 20th September 2022


Not sure which NHS service you need?

We know what it’s like to be worried about your or someone else’s health. Healthier Together is here to help, with medical advice that you can trust.

From tummy bugs and rashes to bumped heads and mental wellbeing, Healthier Together gives you practical advice from medical professionals on your phone or laptop.

Both the website and app are full of free resources and materials including information leaflets, self-care advice and guidance on when and how to access local healthcare services.

Healthier Together can help choose the right service for your needs. It will even tell you what to look out for, which things you can treat safely at home and when you are likely to need professional help.

Where medical attention is needed, Healthier Together will direct you to the best place for you.

You may simply need some reassurance and advice, or if you see a ‘red flag,’ that means you need the emergency department. In other cases, you might be advised to visit your local pharmacy.

It’s not just about the worst-case scenarios! There’s also advice on everything from allergies or emotional wellbeing to “should my child go to school today?”

All the information is checked by clinicians to ensure it is helpful and safe. To find out more, search online for Healthier Together North East or download Healthier Together from the app store or google play.

What people say about Healthier Together

“BRILLIANT. Simple, reassuring, and helpful. THANK YOU.”

“It’s like a mini doctor for you at home.”

“We felt reassured.”


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