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North East and North Cumbria ICB want to hear about your experiences of local health services, both good and bad, to help us shape future services.

We collect Patient stories to enable us to hear about the experiences and needs of people accessing health services in Sunderland.   We are dedicated to putting patients at the heart of service development and decision making. This allows the ICB to identify where systems and processes may need to be improved, as well as sharing areas of good practice, in order to improve people’s experiences and access to health care.



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Governing Body

We regularly take Patient Stories to Governing Body meetings.

Patient stories:

23 July 2019

  • Story taken: End of life pathway experience
  • Outcomes /Actions: Governing body assurance that there is work on going across end of life and cancer pathways, to improve the transferring of communication across all channels, eg,ambulance and nursing homes to ensure compassionate patient care at all times. Story teller to be involved in the CCG end of life care pathway group.

24 September 2019

  • Story taken: Learning disabilities transforming care journey experience. Personal view of patients long complex journey from in hospital to a community setting.
  • Outcomes / Actions: CCG needs to continue to improve services like these to enable other people like Rose to be supported in their own care and home.
    their own home.

26 November 2019

  • Story taken: Pilot point of care project and making reasonable adjustment for patients with learning disabilities.
  • Outcomes / Actions: Real health outcomes were highlighted and continuing health checks with reasonable adjustments would help to narrow gaps in equality.  Explore potential for the point of care
    testing to include the stop smoking specialist services, following Local authority survey results showing LD patients having poorer well being.
  • Story can be found within GB papers here 

19 May 2020

  • Story taken: June shares her story of the treatment she recieved at South Tyneside District Hospital. The story highlights the concerns which were raised during the consultation phase of Path to Excellence, around travel and transport r.e inequality and access.
  • Outcomes / Actions: Questions were raised at the governing body meeting in response to Junes story. The Trust have been contacted to provide a response, however due to current pressures there has been a delay in hearing back.
  • Story can be found within GB papers here
  • Watch the story being shared at the GB meeting below:


NHS Sunderland CCG Governing Body

Posted by NHS Sunderland on Tuesday, 19 May 2020


24 November 2020


  • Story taken:  Journey through the mental health pathway. Lea shares her husband Charles’ brilliant experience of the mental health pathway in this story, and highlights how important communication is.
  • Outcomes / Actions: The patient was happy to hear that the story shared received such a positive response. The patient has asked that the story is shared with senior management in CNTW and other partners. This has now been shared with CNTW and Healthwatch.
  • Story can be found here  
  • Watch the GB meeting below:


Governing body meeting

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Posted by NHS Sunderland on Tuesday, 24 November 2020


*Due to Covid 19 work priorities, only two stories were collected in 2020.* 


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