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January 2020: Urgent Care services in Sunderland – we’re still listening

What: After listening to the views of a wide range of people in 2018, urgent care services changed in Sunderland. NHS Sunderland CCG are committed to continuing to listen to local people about these changes. Some engagement work is planned in January 2020 to ask people about these changes.

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We did: to follow

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October 2019: Wheelchair services 

What: Three surveys were designed to capture feedback from patients, assessors and referrers with regards to Wheelchair Services in October 2019. The surveys were aimed at capturing patient and staff member’s thoughts. In total, 38 responses were received to the three surveys.

You said: People told us through the survey that they couldn’t get to talk to anyone. They also told us they were unhappy about the waiting times.

We did: As a result, the CCG are looking at putting admin resource into the team to handle all calls and appointment bookings. In doing this, it will also release clinical capacity which will have a positive impact on the waiting times, which people were also unhappy about. This feedback will all be built into a new service specification.

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January 2019: Sunderland Health Events: Public feedback on options for future events

What: The CCG carried out some public engagement to find out what members of the public wanted through a public event. We asked people to tell us when they would be interested in attending a Sunderland Health event, what they would like to do at these events, and what they would like to find out about.

You said: People told us they would be interested in attending this event, particularly on Saturdays in order to get more information. People said they would be interested in having Health MOTs, promotion of local physical activity classes and events, healthy food demonstrations, and exercise demonstrations. People told us they were particularly interested in finding out more about self-care and mental health.

We did: We designed the Sunderland Better Health Roadshows 2019 based on the information people told us. We held Saturday events in each of the five localities, which were drop in. We focused the event around self-care, which included mental health. We linked with local businesses and organisations to provide exercise demonstrations, including Everyone Active and Pilates demonstrations. We included talks and demonstrations on mindfulness and massage. In addition, we linked with Sunderland Change 4 Life to talk about what’s really in the food we eat. NEAS provided CPR demonstrations and blood pressure checks, and Everyone active provided BMI checks and spoke with people about easy exercise activities they could incorporate into their every day lives.

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Old event style, and feedback report –

Better Health Roadshows 2019 –


January – November 2018: New CCG Website

What: We asked patients, members of the public and stakeholders to tell us what we could improve with our CCG website.

You said: People told us:

  • Some information was hard to find
  • The website was not inviting
  • It would be useful to have a calendar to show all events
  • They wanted a better search function
  • To keep the language easy to understand

We did: We have listened and taken on board what people have told us, and have made lots of changes to our CCG website, including in many of the suggestions above.


Now we want to know, if you think we got it right. Please email on to let us know what you think of our new website, and if you have any ideas to help make it even better!


Your feedback will help us to continue to develop and improve the website.


May – September 2018: Urgent Care services in Sunderland 

What: NHS Sunderland CCG asked a wide range of people their thoughts on urgent care services in Sunderland. This included how the service should be delivered, where the service should be delivered, and the opening times the service should run.

You said: Some people told us they were concerned about travel and transport for vulnerable groups accessing services for minor injury, especially those living within the Washington and Coalfields areas. Vulnerable groups are those who are on low incomes and or those who may have an inability to travel. People also told us they had concerns about the car-park at Pallion and the waiting area.

We did: NHS Sunderland CCG made changes to the clinical model following concerns raised by members of the public, meaning minor injuries services will also be available at the Sunderland Extended Access services at Houghton Primary Care Centre and Washington Primary Care Centre as well as at the urgent treatment centre in Pallion.

The Urgent Treatment Centre at Pallion was fully mobilized as from 1st December with significant changes having been made to the building and the car park, creating more availability of spaces for patients. Additional consulting rooms have also since been identified on site to assist with patient streaming.

A public walkaround with Healthwatch took place in September 2019 and the feedback received was very positive, confirming that the waiting area was very much improved with additional seating provided, plus having a separate Paediatric area was good. The rooms were a good size and well equipped and provided enough space for wheelchair users.

Parking Eye was introduced on 8th July 2019, with a positive impact identified prior to ‘go live’ date as signage and information within the area had already reduced inappropriate use of the car park.

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