Decision made on how to progress

Decision made on how to progress the Multi-speciality community provider (MCP)

What is an MCP?

The MCP is new approach to out of hospital health and care services. It has been developed to ensure that our care systems work closer together to meet the future needs of the local population and deliver the effective, seamless care that the people of Sunderland deserve.


Since May 2013, NHS Sunderland Clinical Commissioning Group has been working to deliver a vision to join up services outside of hospital.

To inform and gather people’s views on how to progress the MCP, engagement took place between 8 November and 13 December 2017.

The engagement focused on gathering feedback from the public, patients, carers, and stakeholders representing the public on the plans presented in the prospectus.

The feedback from the engagement can be found at

The decision

On 27 February 2018, the CCG Governing Body came to a decision about how to secure the MCP Care model for the long term.

Our decision follows careful consideration of the feedback from the public, general practice, potential and current providers of healthcare services gathered during the engagement period.  This feedback also informed our review of the benefits and challenges of the different business/contracting models available to secure an MCP.

The decision is to secure the MCP via a Collaboration business model, supported by an Alliance Agreement subject to some assurance about pace of change.

Whilst each of the business models considered could deliver what we needed, our preference was to continue to build on the success arising from the much more joined up approach over the last few years between the current providers, working together with commissioners.

The key features of the MCP Alliance will be:

  • Organisations acting as one even though the remain separate organisations
  • All organisations signing an agreement that explains how they will work together holding each other to account
  • Enabling a joined up and proactive service response which becomes more important than an individual organisation response
  • Sharing resources
  • Enabling joined up services

What this means for patients

We expect that by organisations acting as one that we will:

  • Improve the quality of care for local people
  • Improve health outcomes and wellbeing for local people
  • Improve the sustainability of the local health and care system.

The aim is for the MCP Alliance to be operating fully from April 2019.

We want to thank all those who took part in the engagement and contributed to this key next stage in transforming the out of hospital healthcare system in Sunderland.

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