Covid-19 prevention rules to stay in place for local GP practices

Mon 31st January 2022


Patients in Sunderland and South Tyneside are being asked to continue following Covid-19 prevention rules whenever they are in a primary care setting, such as their GP practice, whilst Covid-19 infection rates remain high.

As of 27 January, the national rules around face-coverings in public spaces have been relaxed. However, local health leaders are reminding patients that these measures are still important in helping control the spread of Covid-19.

Anyone entering a GP practice or primary care building will still be asked to sanitise their hands, keep a good social distance and wear a face-covering at all times.

These safety measures were put in place throughout the pandemic to minimise the spread of Covid-19 and protect vulnerable patients who are at higher risk of serious illness.

Dr Neil O’Brien, a local GP and Chief Clinical Officer and Accountable Officer for NHS South Tyneside and Sunderland clinical commissioning groups, said:

“Although national restrictions have eased, Covid-19 is still a major issue and is on the rise within our local communities.

“By keeping these measures in place, we will have a much better chance of continuing to see and treat our patients.”

“Vaccination is the best form of protection against Covid-19. If you haven’t had your vaccine yet, it’s not too late to take up the offer.”

This guidance will also apply to hospitals, pharmacies, and dental practices. As well as being asked to wear a face-covering, all staff and visitors will be asked to keep a safe distance from others where possible and undertake regular hand washing/sanitising.

For more information on guidance and how to stay as safe as possible from Covid-19, please visit the NHS website (

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