Subject access request


A subject access request, or SAR, is a request asking for access to the personal information we hold on you or to exercise any of your rights as a Data Subject under the Data Protection Act 2018, such as correcting or rectifying your personal data, restricting how your personal data is processed, or having the personal data we hold securely erased (in some circumstances). A Data Subject is any living individual whose personal data is processed by the ICB.

This is a legal right everyone in the UK has, that you can exercise at any point for free in most circumstances.

Before releasing personal data to anyone, we require:

  • Valid identification in the form of a driving licence, passport etc if you are making the request for yourself.
  • Written authority from the data subject and/or a valid Power of Attorney if you are making the request on behalf of someone else.
  • The Data Subject’s full name;
  • The Requester’s contact details (address, email etc.);
  • The Data Subject’s date of birth (if relevant – e.g. for medical records);
  • Any information used by the ICB to identify the Data Subject (such as account numbers, reference numbers, NHS number etc.);
  • Clear and specific details about what is being requested; and/or
  • Any further details that will help identify what the Requester wants (such as dates, names, file numbers, etc.).

If the ICB holds the data requested and it is not legally exempt from disclosure the information must be supplied within 30 calendar days (though this can be extended by up to 60 calendar days in some circumstances). Requests for information should be made in writing or email and sent to the Information Governance Team:


Address: NECS Information Governance Team, Riverside House, Newburn, NE15 8NY