Love your lungs, love the planet!

In Sunderland alone, we use a million inhalers every year. While these inhalers are essential for our health, the gases they contain can have a harmful impact on our planet if not disposed of properly.

Did you know that some greener inhalers are over 20 times better for the planet than other kinds of inhalers? By switching to a greener inhaler, you can reduce your carbon footprint! Inquire with your healthcare provider if a greener option is suitable for you at your next visit. You can always switch back if it doesn’t work for you.

Proper disposal of old inhalers is also crucial. You can safely dispose of your used inhaler at your local pharmacy. To find a pharmacy near you, use the NHS pharmacy finder.

Use the NHS pharmacy finder to see where you can safely dispose of used or old inhalers.

By making small changes to the way we use and dispose of inhalers, we can make a big difference to our planet and our health.


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